Industrial Solar Holding Europe AB

Industrial Solar Holding Europe AB holds 100% of Industrial Solar GmbH in Freiburg/Germany.  


Industrial Solar GmbH is an international leading technology and solution provider, which develops projects mainly based on its innovative Fresnel collector technology suitable for fulfilling an expected growing market of solar process heat. As a one-stop-shop Industrial Solar offers turnkey solutions for customers in several industries.

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Industrial Solar on TV

The German TV channel "Welt der Wunder" produced a documentary about Industrial Solar for their new format "Green Life" which will be broadcast, and the video has also been published on Youtube with Swedish and English subtitles.


Global warming, melting glaciers, tons of plastic in the oceans - these topics are being widely talked about! The new format "Green Life" of the German free TV channel "Welt der Wunder" deals with topics concerning environmental economics, innovative ecological technologies and future green markets. In this new television series ecological innovations from the German-speaking region are introduced and presented.



The producers of "Green Life" had contacted Industrial Solar last year and their film crew, together with Farah Gammoh, an engineer of Industrial Solar, flew then to Amman / Jordan. The video shows two solar process heat plants in Amman installed at the companies RAM Pharma and Japan Tobacco International JTI. 

Industrial Solar's technology for direct steam generation and cooling is explained and interviews with customers and local stakeholders give an interesting insight into future perspectives and highlight the advantages and possibilities of such sustainable technologies for industry.

Notice of Annual Shareholder Meeting 2020

Kallelse till årsstämma / Notice of Shareholders Annual Meeting 2020
Notice of ISHE_ASM_2020.pdf
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Acquisition of SolarSpring GmbH

On March 24th, 2020, Industrial Solar Holding Europe AB (ISHE) announced the acquisition of SolarSpring GmbH, a Freiburg-based company that provides water cleaning solutions for industrial wastewater using an innovative membrane distillation technology. The SolarSpring wastewater cleaning solution has a complementary fit with solar energy and can be powered with Industrial Solar's thermal energy solutions.


For more information on SolarSpring, please visit their website.


Rights Issue 2020

Memorandum Industrial Solar Europe Holding AB 2020
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Notice of Shareholders Annual Meeting 2019

Kallelse till årsstämma / Notice of Shareholders Annual Meeting
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Ladda ner broschyr på svenska / Swedish brochure

Industrial Solar - Brochure 8 pages Swedish 14.11.2018
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Rights Issue 2018 (English)

Memorandum Industrial Solar Holding Europe AB
Invitation to subscribe for shares in Industrial Solar Holding Europe AB
Prior to planed listing on Spotlight Stock Market
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Solar Energy for the decarbonization of the industry

Infographic industrial energy demand and potential of solar energy



13.05.2019 - Industrial Solar and Gasco join forces




In February, Germany’s Industrial Solar and Australia’s Gasco signed a cooperation agreement to develop the solar process heat market in Australia and its neighbouring countries by offering hybrid systems which use both solar and fossil energy. The photo shows a solar field installed by Industrial Solar at Japan Tobacco International in Amman, Jordan. It consists of Fresnel collectors used for direct steam generation.


Staff at Industrial Solar, a German-based solar system integrator, hopes the cooperation will improve customer access to the process heat market while Australian boiler manufacturer Gasco will be able to add future-proof technology to its portfolio of conventional products. 


Read the full article here

30.11.2018 - Industrial Solar to debut on Swedish stock exchange



Industrial Solar Holding Europe AB (ISHE), the parent company of Industrial Solar will soon be listed on Swedish stock exchange Spotlight. The deadline for purchasing shares is 4 December, while the first day of trading has been set for 15 January 2019. ISHE is going to be the second solar business listed on the exchange. The first was a Swedish manufacturer of parabolic trough collectors, Absolicon Solar Collector AB, whose shares have been traded on Spotlight since September. Both are independent companies but have been working together to tap into the huge potential of the rather new market, namely that of industrial solar heat.


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03.12.2018 - Industrial Solar ska ge solvärme till industrin




Solvärmebolaget Industrial Solar Europe, med en i grunden tysk verksamhet, ska genom sin solenergilösning tillhandahålla solvärme till industrin vars behov av värmeenergi är tre gånger större än behovet av elektricitet.


Det säger Industrial Solars vd Christian Zahler i en tv-intervju med Nyhetsbyrån Direkt som sammanfattas och kompletteras nedan.



Industrial Solars tyska bolag omsatte motsvarande 15 miljoner kronor under 2017. Nu ska det nuvarande svenska ägarbolaget listas på Spotlight i samband med en nyemission på 15,8 miljoner kronor.


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29.11.2018 - Solfångarna som ska få fabriker sluta elda olja



Högeffektiva solfångare som alstrar upp till 400°C värme kan hjälpa världens storindustrier att nå noll i koldioxidutsläpp. Med Industrial Solars lösning kan företag ställa om till ett koldioxidneutralt alternativ – och sluta elda olja och gas för att producera processvärme.


Nu genomför bolaget en nyemission om 15 miljoner kronor i samband med börsnotering.


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